110 Plus Wild Animals Name in English and Hindi

In this post, we are providing detailed information on Wild animals name in English and Hindi with images. The post also contains facts about wild animals and Wild animals names list.

Wild Animals
Wild Animals

Meaning of Wild Animals

Wild animals refer to non-domesticated animals that live in their natural habitats and are unaffected by human interference. They play an important role in maintaining ecosystem balance, promoting biodiversity, and ensuring a healthy environment.

They face many challenges, including habitat loss, climate change, poaching, and threats to their survival. Protection and conservation of wild animals are important not only for their survival but also for the overall well-being of our planet and the generations to come.

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Wild animals name in Hindi and English

Here we are providing the Wild animals names in English and Hindi with images. The images play an important role to find out the animals names. There are many wild animals like wild ass, wild buffalo, wild orchids, etc. These creatures inspire fear, symbolize freedom and showcase the beauty of the diversity of nature. Below we are providing Wild animals images with names.

Wild Animals chart | Wild Animals name with images

Below Wild animals names with pictures are given.

ImagesEnglish NameHindi NameFacts
LionLionशेरLarge carnivorous feline.
TigerTigerबाघLargest big cat species with distinctive stripes.
GiraffeGiraffeजिराफ़Tall African mammal with a long neck and legs.
CheetahCheetah चीताThe fastest land animal is known for its speed.
ZebraZebraज़ेबराAfrican equids with black and white stripes.
HippopotamusHippopotamusदरियाई घोड़ाLarge semiaquatic mammal.
OrangutanOrangutan ओरंगुटानGreat ape native to Southeast Asia.
CoyoteCoyoteअमेरीकी सियारSmall dog-like mammal is native to North America.
WolfWolfभेड़ियाWild canids known for their social behavior.
ChimpanzeeChimpanzee वनमानुषIntelligent great apes are closely related to humans.
PandaPandaपांडाIconic bear species are native to China.
Polar bearPolar bearध्रुवीय भालूArctic bears adapted to living on sea ice.
Grizzly bearGrizzly bear ग्रिजली भालूNorth American subspecies of brown bear.
LeopardLeopard तेंदुआLarge spotted felines are found in various regions.
KoalaKoala कोआलाAustralian marsupial is known for its eucalyptus diet and tree-dwelling lifestyle.
FoxFoxलोमड़ीSmall carnivorous mammals are found in various habitats worldwide.
Black PantherBlack Pantherकाला चीताThe Melanistic color variant of the leopard or jaguar.
Snow leopardSnow leopard हिम तेंदुआHigh altitude feline is native to Central and South Asia.
CougarCougar कौगरLarge cat species are also known as the mountain lion or puma.
JaguarJaguarजगुआरPowerful big cat native to the Americas.
Vampire batVampire batवैम्पायर चमगादड़Bats that feed on blood and are mostly found in the Americas.
OcelotOcelotबौना तेन्दुआSmall wild cat native to the Americas.
LynxLynxबनबिलावMedium-sized wild cat with tufted ears.
HyenaHyenaलकड़बग्घाCarnivorous mammal known for its scavenging habits.
Brown bearBrown bearभूरा भालूLarge bear species are found in diverse habitats across the Northern Hemisphere.
African elephantAfrican elephantअफ़्रीकी हाथीEnormous land mammals are the largest living terrestrial animal.
GorillaGorillaगोरिल्लाLargest living primate, native to Africa.
CaimanCaimanकैमानSmall to medium-sized crocodilians are found in Central and South America.
Fiddler crabFiddler crabफ़िडलर केकड़ाSmall crab species with one oversized claw.
African buffaloAfrican buffaloअफ़्रीकी भैंसLarge bovine species native to Africa and also known as the Cape buffalo.
African lionAfrican lionअफ़्रीकी शेरIconic big cat species, the “king of the forest.”
DingoDingoडिंगोWild canid native to Australia.
Red pandaRed pandaलाल पांडाArboreal mammals are native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.
Tasmanian devilTasmanian devilतस्मानियाई शैतानCarnivorous marsupial found only in Australia.
African grey parrotAfrican grey parrotअफ़्रीकी ग्रे तोताHighly intelligent and popular parrot species native to Africa.
KangarooKangarooकंगारूMarsupials are known for their powerful hind legs and hopping locomotion.
VaquitaVaquitaवाक्विटाCritically endangered porpoise species found in the Gulf of California.
AardvarkAardvarkआर्डवार्कNocturnal mammal native to Africa and known for its insect-eating abilities.
Fennec foxFennec foxफेनेक लोमड़ीSmall fox species with large ears.
Vervet monkeyVervet monkeyवर्वेट बंदरMedium-sized African monkey with distinct coloration.
Grevy's zebraGrevy’s zebraग्रेवी का ज़ेबराEndangered zebra species native to East Africa.
Blue wildebeestBlue wildebeestनीला जंगली जानवरLarge antelope species are found in Africa and are also known as the common wildebeest.
Boa constrictorBoa constrictorब्राजील का अजगरLarge non-venomous snake is known for its constriction hunting method.
King cobraKing cobraनागराजThe Venomous snake species is the longest venomous snake in the world.
Komodo dragonKomodo dragonकोमोडो ड्रैगनGiant monitor lizard found in Indonesia.
Thomson's gazelleThomson’s gazelleथॉमसन गज़ेलFast and agile antelope species native to Africa.
African wild dogAfrican wild dogअफ़्रीकी जंगली कुत्ताSocial and highly endangered carnivorous species found in Africa.
GharialGharialघड़ियालCritically endangered crocodilian species with a slender snout.
Red colobus monkeyRed colobus monkeyलाल कोलोबस बंदरOld World monkey species native to Africa.
PythonPythonअजगरLarge non-venomous snakes are found in diverse regions.
African leopardAfrican leopardअफ़्रीकी तेंदुआBig cat species are known for their elusive behavior and striking coat pattern.
AnacondaAnacondaजलीय अजगरA Large nonvenomous snake found in South America is known for its size and strength.
MeerkatMeerkatमीरकैटSmall mongoose native to Africa is famous for living in tight-knit social groups.
African elephant shrewAfrican elephant shrewअफ़्रीकी हाथी का छछूंदरA Tiny insectivorous mammal with a long snout found in Africa.
Virginia opossumVirginia opossumवर्जीनिया ओपोसुमNorth American marsupial with a prehensile tail.
WarthogWarthogवॉर्थोगWild pig species found in Africa are known for their tusks and warty faces.
BisonBisonबाइसनLarge bovine species are native to North America and Europe.
Snowshoe hareSnowshoe hareस्नोशू खरगोशHare species with large hind feet adapted for snowy habitats.
Black footed ferretBlack footed ferretकाले पैरों वाला फेर्रेटEndangered carnivorous mammal native to North America.
DholeDholeढोलेWild dog species native to South and Southeast Asia.
ZebuZebuज़ेबूDomesticated cattle with a hump native to South Asia.
BonoboBonoboबोनोबोEndangered great ape closely related to chimpanzees found in the Congo Basin.
African penguinAfrican penguinअफ़्रीकी पेंगुइनThe Flightless bird is native to the coastal regions of Southern Africa.
BaboonBaboonलंगूरLarge and powerful Old World monkeys are found in Africa and Arabia.
RaccoonRaccoonरैकूनNorth American mammal is known for its masked face and ringed tail.
ServalServalसर्वलWild cat native to Africa is known for its long legs and spotted coat.
American bisonAmerican bisonअमेरिकी बाइसनIconic bovine species of North America also known as buffalo.
MandrillMandrillमैंड्रिलColorful Old World monkey found in the rainforests of Central Africa.
Arctic foxArctic foxआर्कटिक लोमड़ीSmall fox species native to the Arctic regions with a thick white coat.
Pronghorn antelopePronghorn antelopeप्रोंगहॉर्न मृगThe Fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere is found in North America.
Bighorn sheepBighorn sheepबडी सींग वाली भेड़Wild sheep species with impressive curved horns, native to North America.
Red deerRed deerलाल हिरणOne of the largest deer species found in Europe and Asia.
MooseMooseमूसLargest species of deer native to North America and Eurasia.
Gray wolfGray wolfग्रे वुल्फHighly social canid species also known as the timber wolf.
Blue whaleBlue whaleनीली व्हेलThe largest animal to have ever existed is found in oceans worldwide.
White tailed deerWhite tailed deerसफ़ेद पूंछ वाला हिरणCommon deer species in North and South America are known for their white tail.
Killer whaleKiller whale (Orca)किलर व्हेलApex predators of the ocean are also known as orcas.
Bottlenose dolphinBottlenose dolphinबॉटलनोज़ डॉल्फ़िनMarine mammals are known for their playful behavior and intelligence.
Humpback whaleHumpback whaleहंपबैक व्हेलLarge baleen whale is known for its elaborate courtship songs.
Beluga whaleBeluga whaleबेलुगा व्हेलSmall white whale species are found in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.
WalrusWalrusवालरसLarge marine mammal is known for its long tusks and blubbery appearance.
NarwhalNarwhalनरवालArctic whale species with a long spiral tusk protruding from its head.
ReindeerReindeer (Caribou)हिरनArctic and sub-Arctic deer species, also known as caribou.
Mountain goatMountain goatपहाड़ी बकरीSurefooted ungulate native to mountainous regions of North America.
African fish eagleAfrican fish eagleअफ़्रीकी मछली ईगलLarge birds of prey are found near water bodies in Africa.
VultureVultureगिद्धThe Scavenging bird is known for its excellent sense of smell.
Red tailed hawkRed tailed hawkलाल पूंछ वाला बाज़Common hawk species found across North America.
VicunaVicunaविकुनाSouth American camelid is known for its fine and valuable wool.
OspreyOspreyऑस्प्रेBird of prey that hunts fish, also known as the sea hawk or fish eagle.
ImpalaImpalaइम्पालाMedium-sized antelope species found in Africa are known for their leaping ability.
Nile monitorNile monitorनील मॉनिटरLarge lizard found in Africa is known for its semi-aquatic habits.
Peregrine falconPeregrine falconपेरेग्रीन बाज़Fastest bird in the world is capable of high-speed aerial dives while hunting.
Harpy eagleHarpy eagleहार्पी ईगलPowerful and majestic bird of prey found in the rainforests of Central and South America.
Snowy owlSnowy owlबर्फीला उल्लूArctic owl species with striking white plumage.
Dall sheepDall sheepडैल भेड़Wild sheep species native to North America’s mountainous regions.
Golden eagleGolden eagleगोल्डन ईगलImpressive birds of prey are found in various habitats across the Northern Hemisphere.
African crowned eagleAfrican crowned eagleअफ्रीकी मुकुटधारी ईगलLarge raptors found in sub-Saharan Africa are known for their strength.
RattlesnakeRattlesnakeरैटलस्नेकVenomous snake species with a unique rattle on its tail.
YakYakयाकLong-haired bovine species are native to the Himalayas and Central Asia.
African golden catAfrican golden catअफ़्रीकी सुनहरी बिल्लीElusive wild cats are found in the forests of sub-Saharan Africa.
Asiatic lionAsiatic lionएशियाई शेरEndangered lion subspecies found in the Gir Forest of India.
Amur leopardAmur leopardअमूर तेंदुआCritically endangered leopard species native to the Russian Far East and China.
ZorillaZorillaज़ोरिलाAlso known as the striped polecat a small carnivorous mammal found in Africa.
Musk oxMusk oxकस्तूरी बैलArctic mammal is known for its thick coat and strong odor during the mating season.
Tibetan foxTibetan foxतिब्बती लोमड़ीSmall fox species native to the Tibetan Plateau and surrounding regions.
Clouded leopardClouded leopardधूमिल तेंदुआWild cats native to Southeast Asia are known for their cloud-like spots.
GaurGaurगौरLarge wild ox species are native to South and Southeast Asia.
ElephantElephantहाथीEnormous herbivorous mammal the largest land animal on Earth.
Saiga antelopeSaiga antelopeसैगा मृगDistinctive antelope species with a unique, bulbous nose, found in Eurasia.
Zanzibar red colobusZanzibar red colobusज़ांज़ीबार लाल कोलोबसPrimate species found in Zanzibar, Tanzania, with vibrant red coloring.
Marbled polecatMarbled polecatसंगमरमर पोलकैटSmall mustelid with striking fur patterns found in parts of Asia and Eastern Europe.
Zigzag salamanderZigzag salamanderज़िगज़ैग सैलामैंडरSalamander species with a distinctive zigzag pattern on its back.
AardwolfAardwolfआर्डवुल्फInsectivorous mammal native to eastern and southern Africa, resembling a small hyena.
FlamingoFlamingoराजहंसIconic wading bird is known for its pink plumage and long, slender legs.
Fallow deerFallow deerपरती हिरणMedium-sized deer species native to Europe and parts of Asia.
CrocodileCrocodileमगरमच्छA Large reptile with a long powerful jaw and a semi-aquatic lifestyle.
FlycatcherFlycatcherउड़नखटोलाThe Diverse group of small passerine birds is known for catching insects in flight.

Wild Animals names list

Wild animals are diverse and fascinating creatures found across the globe. Some examples include the majestic lion, powerful tiger, swift cheetah, elusive snow leopard, graceful gazelle, and intelligent chimpanzee. From the agile leopard to the playful dolphin each wild animal plays an important role in maintaining ecological balance and enriching our natural world.

20 Wild Animals name

Here the 20 wild animals names are given.

  1. Lion
  2. Tiger
  3. Giraffe
  4. Cheetah
  5. Elephant
  6. Zebra
  7. Leopard
  8. Panda
  9. Kangaroo
  10. Koala
  11. Polar bear
  12. Gorilla
  13. Chimpanzee
  14. Wolf
  15. Snow leopard
  16. Hippopotamus
  17. Jaguar
  18. Rhinoceros
  19. Cheetah
  20. Orangutan

10 Wild Animals name

Below the wild animals names are given.

  1. Lion
  2. Chimpanzee
  3. Elephant
  4. Snow leopard
  5. Kangaroo
  6. Polar bear
  7. Cheetah
  8. Jaguar
  9. Cheetah
  10. Giraffe

FAQs on Wild Animals

  1. How are wild animals different from domesticated animals?

    Wild animals are not domesticated. They retain their natural behavior and instincts and are generally more self-sufficient.

  2. Where can I find wild animals?

    Wild animals can be found in forests, grasslands, deserts, mountains, and oceans, depending on their species and geographic distribution.

  3. Are all wild animals dangerous?

    Although some wild animals can be dangerous, not all of them are a threat to humans. Many wild animals are shy and avoid human contact whenever possible.

  4. What is the role of wild animals in the ecosystem?

    Wild animals play an important role in their ecosystem. They help maintain balance by regulating the populations of other species and participating in nutrient cycling.

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